Bee swarm on a motor cycle

Nice bike, great detailed painting on the front of tank

I got a call from Mike. He works for the City of Oxnard and had a "bee problem"

They had landed on his bike!

I went out and tried to brush most bees into the box.

There were so many places where they were hiding, including under the speedometer, that I decided to smoke them out of there. Most flew up and landed again on the bike.

I suited Mike up in an extra suit, and when I had smoked most of them away, he moved the bike to another place. The bees came down and landed in the wooden bee box. Exactly what we wanted.  I gave them a couple of hours to regroup and picked them up, just in time for a long weekend.

They can now live in one of my bee yards.

Oops, they are real !Oops, they are real !
Bee swarm on a motor cycle
Bee swarm on a motor cycle
Bee swarm on a motor cycle
Bees gathering in the box.Bees gathering in the box.
Bee swarm on a motor cycle


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